Community Resilience

Community resilience is key to sustaining Gulf coastal areas as remarkable places to work, live and prosper.

The Community Resilience group focuses on partnerships and interdisciplinary approaches to mitigating disaster risk and strengthening resilience. From inland to shore facing communities of coastal watersheds, we implement deep engagement methods in tandem with socioeconomic and biophysical science assessment to enhance our understanding of what it means to be resilient from the local to regional level, and how we can build that resilience together.

A cornerstone of our work focuses locally on the Texas Coastal Bend, where we’ve joined with the Coastal Bend Council of Governments (COG) in advancing the Regional Resilience Partnership. We seek to develop and apply data-driven, co-production approaches locally and across the Gulf to develop resilient futures with our communities. Together, we can address the complex challenges brought by human and environmental change; we can co-create science driven strategies to reduce risk; we can ensure the beauty and bounty of our coastal future.