Our Expertise

HRI Initiatives

The Harte Research Institute has a number of initiatives to further focus on specific issues, opportunities, or collaborations in the Gulf of Mexico. They are made possible by generous supporters and funders and allow HRI to further connect with our coastal communities.

Sink Your Shucks™ Oyster Recycling Program

Returning discarded oyster shell to the bay for new habitat

Oyster Resource & Recovery Center

Oyster aquaculture job training program for sustainable oyster production in coastal states

Bringing Baffin Back™

Partners working to address watershed issues and restore Baffin Bay


A data management system to store scientific data generated by Gulf of Mexico researchers.

Community Resilience

Helping Gulf coastal communities strengthen their resilience

Research Programs

The Harte Research Institute is set apart from other marine research institutions by its use of the HRI Model, a unique interdisciplinary way of working that integrates our science with economic, policy and sociological expertise. Each of our nine research programs are dedicated to working together to develop science-driven solutions™ that aim to conserve coastal and marine resources, while also developing resilient communities and economies in the United States, Mexico, and Cuba.

Coastal Conservation & Restoration

We study healthy habitats including examining the response of organisms to changing environmental conditions

Coastal Ecosystem Processes

This group conducts applied research aimed at solving complex and pressing regional environmental problems

Conservation & Biodiversity

We provide quantitative tools and new science-based information to guide managers and policymakers on conservation decisions involving wetland birds, freshwater flows, and coastal ecosystems

Ecosystem Science & Modeling

We investigate environmental changes in coastal and estuarine ecosystems due to climate change and anthropogenic activities

Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation

Our mission is to advance knowledge of marine sportfish and promote conservation through science-based fisheries management

Coral Reef and Ocean Health

We provide solutions to the ever-growing challenges facing our fragile marine ecosystems, particularly coral reefs

Geospatial Sciences

We seek a better understanding of the dynamic links between geomorphology, sediments, hydrology, climate, and biology that create the various environments of coastal zones


Our lab performs research on environmental flows using a systems view of the coasts and oceans from the bottom-up

Marine Policy & Law

This program studies how marine policies and laws impact humans as well as understanding how human behavior affects coastal and ocean ecosystems


Our mission is to investigate, model, and monitor the complex socio-economic and ecological systems around the Gulf of Mexico and beyond