Living with Sea Level Rise

Principal Investigator

An interdisciplinary project to help Texans understand and adapt to changing sea level.

The Living with Sea Level Rise in Texas project will assess the impacts of sea level rise on the Texas coast with the goal of providing the knowledge to adapt to higher sea level during the next 50 to 100 years. This assessment will involve projecting the geographic changes that sea level rise is expected to cause, their socio-economic and environmental impact, and the current policies and opportunities for better coastal zone management.

Results will be disseminated through a data- and information-rich website that will enable policy-makers, managers, and the general public to evaluate the impacts or risks of private and public land use decisions. This project requires an approach that applies the interdisciplinary expertise at HRI: Geospatial Sciences, Socio-Economics, and Marine Policy and Law.

With support of the Houston Endowment and numerous contributors, project activities are currently underway for the Greater Houston Area.