Baffin Bay Watershed Protection Plan Implementation - On-Site Sewage Facility Remediation Support

Principal Investigator

This project will allow for the Baffin Bay Watershed Coordinator to begin implementing portions of the Watershed Protection Plan. The watershed coordinator will facilitate stakeholder engagement and coordinate activities in the watershed in support of watershed restoration activities with the following objectives:

  • To raise awareness of homeowners in the Baffin Bay watershed of various best practices that could improve septic system performance and improve water quality in area surface waters through educational material and program delivery.
  • To provide on-site sewage facility outreach (OSSF) and education that promotes health, safety and environmental benefits of proper OSSF maintenance to OSSF owners across the Petronila and San Fernando Creeks Watersheds.
  • To inspect and pump out OSSFs in the Petronila and San Fernando Creeks watersheds to identify failing OSSFs in need of repair or replacement.

A final report will be produced that summarizes all activities completed and conclusions reached during the project. This report will discuss the extent to which project goals and purposes have been achieved and state the amount of funds spent on the project. It will also emphasize successes, failures, lessons learned, and should include analyses estimating the project’s water quality improvements and/or load reductions, if applicable.