Student Workshop on International Coastal and Marine Management (SWIMM)

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Through the Student Workshop on International Coastal and Marine Management (SWIMM) program, the Harte Research Institute (HRI) brings together graduate students from the United States, Mexico, and Cuba for week-long workshops involving peer-to-peer exchanges, shared learning, and intensive interactions with scientists, managers, and practitioners. SWIMM is supported by the Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the HRI Furgason International Fellowship.

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Videos from the 2020 SWIMM are here!

2023 Workshop Information

The 7th Student Workshop on International Coastal and Marine Management in the Gulf of Mexico (“SWIMM 2023”) will take place in a mixed format with an in-person component in Cancún, Mexico from approximately May 13-21, 2023 and a virtual component during Summer and Fall 2023.  The workshop will be focused on the economic valuation of recreational fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico.  For the in-person component in May 2023, students will participate in the Latin America and Caribbean Fisheries Conference (LACFC, see, and will assist with the organization and operation of a special symposium within the congress that is focused on current management and future challenges for marine recreational fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico and Greater Caribbean regions.  Day trips outside of the immediate Cancún area to explore recreational fisheries operations, interact with stakeholders, and participate in other thematic, in-person activities will also occur during the May in-person event.  During Summer and Fall 2023, participants will meet and work virtually to construct a database of economic assessment methodologies for recreational fisheries, gather information from recreational fisheries stakeholders who were contacted during the first part of the workshop in May 2023, and then compile and standardize this information to estimate the economic value of these activities and develop a report on the effort.

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The program will cover roundtrip air or bus transport for participants to Cancún from their airport or bus station of origin. The program will also cover transport, food, and lodging expenses related to the workshop while in Mexico. Participants will be responsible for expenses in their own home country before and after the workshop (like meals and getting to/from the airport) and for personal items such as toiletries or souvenirs while in Mexico.

Student Workshop on International Marine and Coastal Management

How to Apply

**Application deadline is now 5:00pmCST Friday April 14th 2023***

We invite applications from graduate students who are enrolled in Ph.D. or M.S. programs 1.) in the United States, Mexico and Cuba, or 2.) who are citizens of any of these three countries, but enrolled in a graduate program elsewhere. Candidates should be engaged in a program of studies and/or research in areas of environmental management, environmental or ecological sciences, environmental anthropology, economy, or political and social sciences with focus on socio-environmental issues, adaptation to risk and disasters, coastal or marine sciences, oceanography, biology, ecology or marine zoology and related disciplines.

Please consult the Call for Applications in English or Spanish for further details about what we are looking for in candidates. Please note that the links will also provide details about documentation that is needed to complete an application. You must assemble this documentation BEFORE starting the online application as it is needed to complete the process.

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