"Beachcombing" with Jace Tunnell

Principal Investigator

The Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies publishes a series of videos that comes out each Monday at 1pm on YouTube and social media that focuses on items washing up from the Gulf of Mexico. The videos are meant to be short (2 to 6 minutes in length), engaging, and informative to the general public about science related to the items found on the beach and processes occurring in the Gulf and surrounding bays.

HRI also initiated a weekly post Fridays on social media that incorporates photos and descriptions on each to help the general public learn about current items washing up on the Gulf coast. The Monday and Friday posts currently equate to 104 posts a year on social media to help the community in learning about programs at HRI, species living in the ocean, and natural coastal processes that take place in the Gulf of Mexico.

Click the link above to view episodes on YouTube!