Dr. Nuno Simoes

Fernando Nuno Dias Marques (Nuno) Simões, Ph.D.

Furgason Fellowship International Chair for Coastal and Marine Studies in Mexico
Senior Leadership
Ph.D. in Biology; School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales at Bangor, UK (2003)
M.S. in Shellfish Biology, Fisheries & Culture; School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales at Bangor, UK (1996)
B.S. in Biology; Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. (1995)

Dr. Simões is a broadly trained marine biologist and ecologist with a particular interest in marine invertebrate species diversity and distribution, as well as the marine aquarium trade and sustainable aquaculture of marine ornamental species. He currently works in the coral reefs and coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico and Mexican Caribbean, as well as with the fauna and management of freshwater sink holes (cenotes) of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

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