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The Gulf of Mexico is the ninth-largest body of water in the world. It’s more than twice as big as Texas. But its vast scale isn’t the only thing that makes it significant. The Gulf is a laboratory to explore all the big challenges facing our oceans today. How do we balance vital ecosystems and economies? How do we work with other countries to do what’s best for our shared resources? How can we transform our oceans for people living now and future generations? These questions can’t be answered by science alone or one nation alone. The Harte Research Institute at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi integrates marine science with expertise in policy, social sciences, and economics and brings together leading minds across the U.S., Mexico and Cuba. This interdisciplinary, tri-national approach helps us see the larger picture and create science-driven solutions™ that have a lasting impact. Because we believe what’s good for the entire Gulf is good for us all.

Help us with our mission to achieve an ecologically and economically sustainable Gulf of Mexico.

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