Quynh Hoang

Quynh Hoang, Ph.D.

Research Specialist II
Research Staff
Office Number
HRI 209
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Ph.D. Environmental Science, Okayama University (2018
M.S. Environmental Science, Okayama University (2013)
B.S. Environmental Science, Vietnam National University - Hanoi (2010)

Quynh Hoang is a Research Specialist working in the Ecosystem Science & Modeling Laboratory. Her background is environmental science, and she has diverse experience in environmental projects in Japan, Vietnam, Nepal and the USA. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, she spent six years studying soil conservation and organic waste based fertilizes and then worked as a researcher at the Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology, and Climate Change for four years.

Her efforts on climate action includes promoting waste-to-energy technologies, recycling in communities, development and implementation of numerous training programs on climate change, and green growth policy for Vietnam's governmental officials. Recently, she took part in a plastic monitoring campaign across the Matagorda coastal region by collecting and characterizing plastic items. She is interested in expanding her knowledge of Gulf coastal waters.

Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, tea and coffee and is a proud mother of two sons.